The following information was contributed by CDL's Shared Print Program Staff.

Participation in shared print is often leveraged for local collection management decision making. There are a number of ways to compare local collections against the HathiTrust Shared Print collections, including both the collections that are retained by UC RLFs and campuses as well as HathiTrust Shared Print Program participants beyond UC.

Using SILS Analytics

The Shared Print Team has created reports in SILS Analytics of HathiTrust commitments held by University of California retention libraries. Users may leverage these reports to compare their local collections against titles that have been committed by UC retention libraries. These reports are available in Analytics shared folders.

  • Location of reports in SILS Analytics

/Shared Folders/University of California System 01UCS NETWORK/Reports/Shared Print/HathiTrust title lists/For campus comparison

Please note that reports are currently only available for HathiTrust commitments retained by UC Merced, UC San Diego, and UC Santa Cruz, which all campuses may access for local collection comparison and collection management decision making. Comparison reports for NRLF and SRLF HathiTrust commitments are forthcoming, pending the completion of local disclosure projects.

Using Shared Print Retention Search (Google Sheets Add-on)

Staff at the Eastern Academic Scholars Trust (EAST) have created a Google Sheets add-on that allows users to retrieve information from OCLC about shared print retention commitments that have been made to a number of different shared print programs. In addition to getting information about HathiTrust shared print retention commitments, users can also select to have direct links to HathiTrust Digital Library records included where available. 

The Shared Print Retentions Search Google Sheets Add-on is designed to help libraries search, by OCLC number, for shared print retentions registered for various programs and digital surrogates using APIs from OCLC, Internet Archives, and HathiTrust. It requires an OCLC WorldCat Search API v.2 key and secret (institutions must have both OCLC Cataloging and OCLC Discovery subscriptions to access the WorldCat Search API v.2). See How to Request a WSKey if your library does not already have one.

See instructions and examples of output options here: Example HathiTrust Shared Print Retention Commitment Lookup 

Using HathiTrust-generated reports

HathiTrust can generate weeding reports upon request. Please note that these can take some time to generate, so it is recommended to submit your request well in advance of when you need the data. Please send questions and requests to HathiTrust Shared Print Program Officer Heather Weltin (via