The following information was contributed by CDL's Shared Print Program Staff.

Several UC locations currently participate in the HathiTrust Shared Print Program as retention libraries. Additionally, any UC campus may proactively offer to retain materials for HathiTrust. This article includes links to HathiTrust policies and procedures governing retention commitments made to the HathiTrust Shared Print Program.

All documentation for retention libraries

Making retention commitment selections

Adding retention disclosure notes to local records

Preparing files of committed titles for submission to HT

Process for submitting files of committed titles to HT

Registering commitments in OCLC

Making updates after commitment

  • Directions for Updating Data in the HathiTrust Shared Print Registry 
    • Use if any local identifiers or OCLC numbers change, if you need to update the status of a commitment (e.g., if it was committed in error), or if any commitments have been reallocated to a different retention library.
  • Reallocating lost/stolen/damaged commitments 
  • Transferring commitments to the RLFs
    • UC Campus retention libraries may wish to deposit their HathiTrust-retained materials in one of the RLFs for long-term storage in a preservation environment. Campuses must transfer the retention commitments to the destination RLF as part of the deposit. To coordinate this, contact the destination RLF to inform them of your intention. 
      • Please note that HathiTrust does not have a documented workflow for transferring commitments between retention libraries; however, they have confirmed that the process for updating retention data in HathiTrust when there is a transfer differs from the reallocation process described in the above HathiTrust documentation. The original retention library and the receiving RLF should jointly reach out to HathiTrust Shared Print Program Officer Heather Weltin (via for assistance updating the HathiTrust disclosure information.
      • Please note that the RLFs may find that some titles that the original retention library wishes to transfer are already held in their facilities. In these cases, the RLF may not be able to accept the retained copy being transferred; if the RLF cannot accept the item, the RLF and campus must come to a decision whether the RLF will transfer the retention commitment to the item already in their facility, or if the retention commitment will stay with the original item (which will be transferred back to the campus).