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Welcome to the new UC Libraries HathiTrust Help Center for UC libraries staff who participate in, contribute to, and/or use the HathiTrust Digital Library. Within this Help Center you can:

  • Learn about HathiTrust and UC’s participation and contributions to HathiTrust
  • Keep up with new developments and events at HathiTrust
  • Find documentation for current UC HathiTrust projects
  • Send a UC-HathiTrust-related request, question, or suggestion to CDL’s Digitization team via our new ticketing system
  • Learn about ways to get involved in HathiTrust
  • Connect with other UC staff working on and/or using HathiTrust

Our initial Help Center articles include:

Also available are Two quick “How-to” pieces: How to Copy and Paste Text from a HathiTrust Volume, and How to find a HathiTrust Volume in Google Books

As we continue to build out the Help Center, we would love to get your feedback and ideas. What information would you like to find here? What would help you make better use of HathiTrust and/or help you support students and researchers in using HathiTrust?  Please take a look around, and send us a ticket with your comments, feedback, or suggestions.

New Ticketing System

The UC-HathiTrust Help Center includes a new ticketing system that makes it easy for you to contact CDL staff with questions and easy for for CDL Staff to track requests and respond to them in a timely way. 

When to file a UC-HathiTrust support ticket

Contact UC-HathiTrust help to ask a question, report an issue, or make a suggestion about issues related to:

  • Policy or management concerning UC’s participation in HathiTrust or UC digitized materials in HathiTrust
  • Quality, digitization, technical issues (all levels) of UC’s digitized volumes in HathiTrust
  • Submitting UC content or related metadata to HathiTrust
  • UC HathiTrust related projects such as opening UC content or digital collection development
  • UC-HathiTrust user related services such as HathiTrust usage data, discovery, or outreach for UC
  • Feedback or ideas about the UC HathiTrust Help Center

When to contact HathiTrust Support directly

Contact support@hathitrust.org if you:

  • Have discovered a HathiTrust service outage or bug
  • Are not affiliated with the University of California, or if the material in question did not originate from the University of California
  • Want to report a correction request for a scanned volume or for a metadata error

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